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My current PFP

About me:

I'm 19, I like computers, and sometimes programming. When I do program, its usually in the game engine Godot. (Although sometimes I do program in Gamemaker.)

I enjoy music, and especially video game music and chiptune music. I also make music myself in FL Studio and Furnace tracker.

I also really really love Undertale and Deltarune. Those are some of my favroite games. Go play them right now! Some other games I enjoy:

Pretty much every classic sonic game (Especially sonic CD), Earthbound, All of the Super Mario games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (And Melee), and a whole bunch more. Some of my favorites also include semi-esoteric games for the SNES. (Quick list: jarrasic park, brandish, Demon's Crest, and many more...)

I'm still new to CSS, so if anything looks strange or isn't dont the way other people normally do it, don't judge me... But also let me know so I can learn and get better!

I'm really good at making social media accounts, and then never using them... I have a bunch, but here are the only ones I really use sometimes.


Also my discord profile is "elijahrulz". Don't hesitate if you want to message me about anything!!!

I am also currently working on music for the game "The Gem". Here's the neocities page if you want to check it out!


If you want me to help make music or do general sound design for whatever project you have, I'm usually pretty busy. Feel free to ask though! I might be able to help out when I'm more free!